Office of International Affairs

Greetings from the Office of International Affairs 


Robert Summers It is my privilege to serve as the Vice Provost for International Affairs and Senior International Officer. As such, I lead a vibrant team of professionals dedicated to the comprehensive internationalization of the campus and to excellent stakeholder service.

MTSU boasts more than 100 partnerships with institutions all over the world. Through these relationships, students have the possibility to study in numerous countries; experience various cultures and explore new ways of being. Faculty have the possibility to find research partners and experience different global perspectives. Moreover, MTSU has a rich history of welcoming international students to study on campus. Currently students from almost 50 different countries call MTSU home. These students enrich the campus, and their distinctiveness adds to our own.

Please take a moment to explore the exciting international opportunities that are available to you as a member of the MTSU community. My team and I encourage you to contact us via email, phone or by stopping by our offices.

I wish you the very best in your international adventure.

Robert Summers Ph.D.
Vice Provost for International Affairs

Mission Statement

  • The promotion of global awareness, knowledge and proficiency should be intrinsic to MTSU.
  • Global and international awareness, knowledge and proficiency are essential for MTSU students to participate effectively in the 21st century.
  • International education is an orientation and approach across the curriculum as well as a separate subject.
  • International education at MTSU should be an integrated and collaborative effort on the part of all levels of the education establishment.

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